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Create your own Infomercials Channel and sell your products, services,and/or solutions. Infomercials.Online is a full service infomercials streaming platform provided by Infomercials, Ltd. is designed to empower sellers to Stream Infomercials Live, On-Demand , or Live Meet Infomercials.

What Is an Infomercial?

The term infomercial is a combination of the words "information" and "commercial." An infomercial is a longer-form video or television advertisement that acts as a stand-alone program to pitch a good or service with a call to action. Infomercials are different from regular commercials because they last longer and have no breaks in the program. As a result, infomercials are able to present more details about a product or service.

The purpose of infomercials is to prompt the viewer to call a toll-free number or visit a website to make a purchase.

An advantage of infomercials for companies is an increased amount of time to showcase a product, demonstrate how it works, and present a persuasive call to action (CTA). 

An infomercial is a longer-form video or television advertisement that acts as a stand-alone program to pitch a good or service with a call to action. Infomercials are different from regular commercials because they last longer and have no breaks in the program. Infomercials usually appear on television during off-peak hours and can run from a half-hour to nearly one hour long. The cost of an infomercial is significantly cheaper than that of a commercial, particularly for the length of time that each airs.

How Long Do Infomercials Last?

Infomercials may be run in short or long segments. Shorter infomercials typically are two to four minutes in length and tend to be structured as several back-to-back independent commercials for the same product or service. Longer-form infomercials may take half-hour or hour-long time slots (28:30 or 58:30 in length) and tend to be aired during late-night programming slots between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m in traditional television, but you can stream 24/7 on Infomercials.Online. 

According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), any infomercial that runs longer than 15 minutes must tell viewers that it is a paid advertisement.

Broadcast Options:

  • On demand Infomercial: Upload already recorded or pre recorded infomercials for On-demand viewing.
  • Live Infomercial: Live cast is available 24/7 for those 24 hour shopping networks.
  • Live Meet Infomercial: Create engaging infomercials with Infomericlas Live Meet and sell directly to osers in real-time zoom-like infomercials.

Infomercials vs. Commercials

Both infomercials and commercials have the same objective: to sell a product or service. The way in which they go about it, however, differs significantly. Commercials are short and snappy, just a few seconds long, traditionally 30 seconds. Infomercials, on the other hand, range anywhere from 30 minutes to one hour.

Commercials can have an artistic focus, usually feature a voice-over or narration, and are placed during popular television viewing hours. Infomercials are typically a full demonstration of a product. The infomercial identifies a need and proceeds to demonstrate in detail how the specific product can resolve that need and urges the consumer to take swift action to purchase the product right away.

An infomercial will show all the advantages of the product, do away with any negative concerns, and feature testimonials.

Infomercials have taken on numerous forms over the past three decades. This article explores which are used in various industries and what strategies are best for each product or service.

Infomercial Lengths

  • Short Form – Known as TV commercials or DRTV commercials, short form Infomercials are either :30 or :60 seconds in length and are typically designed to air on Local and Regional Cable Television.
  • Long-Form – Traditionally coined as Infomercials, these are 30 to 60 minute shows, that convey the value of a product through a variety of formats (see below).
  • Micro-Form – A newer, more flexible Infomercial length, that incorporates the elements of Direct Response in a 30 second-or-less format. Increasingly used in Online advertising.

Infomercial Formats

  • Hosted Talk Show – in this Infomercial format, the production is designed as a talk show, resembling those on major traditional stores. This discussion format allows for professional hosts to present the features and benefits of the Infomercial product in a conversational manner, and offers the opportunity for a variety of personalized calls to action, that may reach different audience segments, based on the the personal characteristics of the host. This is often considered the most entertaining Infomercial format by viewers.
  • Product Demonstration – A product demonstration Infomercial focuses on the variety of uses that a product has. These work particularly well for multi-use appliances and home products. Each additional use for the product adds perceived value, and thus calls to action typically build throughout the show. A common format is one where a product representative shows a consumer how the product can work for them in many ways.
  • Telethon & Live Caller – Telethon Infomercials emphasize the principals of group buying psychology, by demonstrating to the viewer that others are calling in and purchasing a product or service. Often a time limit, or limitation on the number of available products is presented, and counted down to zero. These shows are typically taped, but can also be aired live during key marketing periods, including the November and December holiday buying season.
  • Testimonial-Centric – Infomercials that display numerous testimonials, usually paired with live product demonstrations are considered to be testimonial centric. This provides the viewer with experiences from the point of view of other product buyers, and can be a very powerful vehicle for conveying product value, and motivational drivers for response.
  • Documentary – this format of Infomercial is designed to resemble an hourly news show, presenting key headlines and facts that indicate a wide spread issue, or problem, and then use experts and professionals to describe a product or service that presents the solution. Unfortunately, this format can be so well disguised as an actual TV show, the call to acton, as well as important decision making information can be “lost in the show.”
  • Brand Equity – This Infomercial format emphasizes adding equity to the product or parent company’s brand. This is achieved by creating an attractive brand, and discussing the foundational strengths of the company and product that make it superior to others. In an increasingly crowded “me too” Infomercial market, Brand Equity focused shows are becoming synonymous with high performing Infomercials. Brand Equity is also an essential part of long term planning, for multiple distribution channels as well as continuity of purchases from existing customers.

Infomercial Product Categories

What makes a good Infomercial Product?

Product economics play a major role in assessing the viability of marketing through an Infomercial. The profit margin per unit must be high, but the product price must be low (between $20-50) so that it can be purchased by a wide range of people with different levels of disposable income. The product must also be readily demonstrable, and have multiple value points that can be displayed throughout the Infomercial. This drives the perception that the product has real value, and is worth much more than the price. This is heightened by dramatic before and after transformations that show how much better the product makes the life of the buyer. In general, products from the following categories best fit the requirements for a successful Infomercial: Diet & Nutrition, Exercise & Fitness, Financial Services, Beauty & Cosmetics, TV to Web.